Tools for Transformation

One-on-One Sessions

I have been doing mediumship and energetic healing work since 2003

As my own growth progresses, so does my capacity to transmit, receive, clear and heal.  But this work is never about me... it is about YOU, YOUR GROWTH, and YOUR DESIRES.  I am merely the bridge.

Choose between...   

Intuitive Reflexology ~ or ~ Reading-CLEARING-COACHing

In-person ~ or ~ Remote


All sessions are 75 minutes, unless otherwise specified for extended Programs.

Contact me for pricing and scheduling.

Intuitive Reflexology

REFLEXOLOGY is similar to acupressure and as ancient as acupuncture. It is a pressure therapy on the feet (usually) based on the premise that the feet mirror the body and…



These sessions are an opportunity to dive into what your Soul is currently ready to blast through.  Inviting in your Guides and mine, any angels that want to assist…


Program Offerings

The Transformation Springboard Program is my signature program.  It is a 12-week one-on-one program designed to have the consistency to keep pushing through blocks, opening to more Truth, and really…


Facebook Group: Blocks, Breakthroughs and Miracles

Join me weekly for live video sharing, mini-classes, consciousness tips, and inspiration for your journey!  It’s FREE!! This group is for support when you are hitting a block in…


The Dragon Within

The Dragon Within is in essence a history and practical guidebook to work with these magnificent Beings. It will open the ley lines of energy long closed off in the…