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Affectionately referred to as the Dragon Lady by many, Araya offers insight and connection into the Dragon Realms. With a FB group, an eBook, readings, online courses and programs, there is a way for everyone to connect with the Dragons.





The Dragon Within is in essence a history and practical guidebook to work with these magnificent Beings. It will open the ley lines of energy long closed off in the physical and etheric bodies that are connected to the dragons. It will bring on a journey of discovery both unexpected and yet uncannily familiar. It will expose you to the deepest, most abundant love that you have yet experienced, as this is the truest essence of these Beings – Love, Power and Wisdom – and they will teach each of us a great deal.

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Araya offers a BOOK CLUB with The Dragon Within several times a year Each week we delve into different sections of the book to discuss, answer questions, share experiences and/or go into meditation with one or more of the dragons present to serve based on the group energy.

This is a dynamic opportunity to dive into the work the dragons bring to humanity and work directly with the author.  Most participants describe it as 'way more than a Book Club!' Watch for next session dates or email Araya to register or get on the list for the next class. 

'This has been one of the most powerful journeys of self re-discovery and return I have ever experienced! Thank you all soooo much for the incredible energy, love and support with which you've embraced each and every one of us on the day-to-day basis.  Dear Araya AnRa, you are goddess! Thank you thank you thank you for the work that you do. This book club has been a catalyst of monumental growth and awakening. It was far beyone what I could have imagined it to be! Feeling totally blessed by this whole experience. :) Polina, Australia

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Araya offers 20 minute Dragon Readings. These are a chance to get clarity on your dragon guide or deeper dragon aspect, as well as a name/mantra or description to help you connect more deeply in your own work, as well as understand what they are present currently working on with you.  This relationsihp can be a profound starting point for your work with the Dragons.

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QUANTUM FLIGHT : Accelerated ascension with the Dragons. Enrollment begins with an application.

The newest program! As our ascension journey has quickened, the Dragons asked me to create a streamlined, accelerated version, bringing the 8-month Way of the DragonHeart Program into 8 weeks!

This is designed to be a fast-track merging multiple streams of information into a single lane forward - imagine the Car Pool lone on the freeway!!

The open discussion of your questions about the Dragons from the Book Club, the foundation laying of the Eye of the Dragon path, the merge into who you BE of the Way of the Dragon Heart, and the access to current information continually coming through that is for the NOW moment of this ascension journey.

The same goal... the merge with your Dragon Self (your Light Body), but on light speed. The ongoing message is 'time is of the essence' because the zero-point doorway is open. We are on the precipice before it. The 5D Quantum Realms are open for those ready and the Dragons want to get you there.

8 weeks, includes 1 75-min private session with Araya

There is not currently a program on the calendar, but I do accept applications at any time for upcoming programs. If this program interests you, please contact me!

Please contact me with any questions.

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The Way of the DragonHeart Program.  An 8-month journey of discovery, opening and deepening into the Dragon Realms.  An opportunity to truly step into who you BE.  For some, just hearing that term is chiming a chord deep within the chambers of your Heart.  What does it mean to awaken that ancient slumbering aspect of yourself… to walk in this body on the Earth in the full mantle of your Dragon Self.  I have split this course into 2 halves now, with the first 4 months beimg The Eye of the Dragon. This course has evolved into the brand new QUANTUM FLIGHT - please see details above! Please contact me for more information.

'The Way of the DragonHeart Program is a profoundly energetic and healing initiation into the Reality of who you are at your deepest level - a Dragon. Each weekly introduction and experience of new Dragons pushes you to ever deepening levels of your Being. From the Earth to the Pleiades, these introductions allow you to now have personal connections with the Dragons that create, inhabit and protect the Universe as we know it, including yourself. This is the greatest introduction of all - finding out who you are.  Araya's healing sessions augment this introduction by shining the light of awareness of those places that limit our expansion and resting in our Dragon self. It will be scary and exhiliarating at the same time. You each have the potential to be so much greater than you think you are. This class is the doorway for you to explore that greatness for the  rest of your life.  If the opportunity to take this course arises, give it serious consideration. Cyrill-An, Philadelphia'

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Araya has a very active Facebook group - a growing family of dragon clan - For the Love of Dragons.  We would LOVE for you to join us to share your experiences, connect with others who love or experience Dragons or simply to learn more about them!! This group is for all things DRAGON and those that love them. Whether new or old to experiencing them, they have a lot to offer humanity with healing and teaching. Come discover them! Live sharings are usually on Thursday 2pm PST; but can vary as the Dragons don't like to be scheduled!

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YouTube Channel: Invoke Healing International - Dragons Playlist

There is an extensive library of over 100 weekly LIVE video recordings on just about every question you could ask about Dragons! Please subscrive and enjoy this resource here.

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Global Activations and Workshops

Offering 1 and 2-day workshops - Walking With The Dragons - brings a true chance to dive in and experience the Dragons first-hand, to understand your connection with them more clearly and more deeply, to learn why they are with you and how you can work with them more directly.  It will be a powerful gathering for expansion on many levels, as well as a lot of fun as the Dragons come with quite a sense of humor most of the time.

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If you would like to have a workshop scheduled in your area or would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, please email me!