Tools for Transformation

Program Offerings

The Transformation Springboard Program is my signature program.  It is a 12-week one-on-one program designed to have the consistency to keep pushing through blocks, opening to more Truth, and really get things moving forward towards change in your life.  What are you wanting clarity on?  What are you ready to see shift?!?  This includes 6 75-minute 1-on-1 sessions bi-weekly over the course of 12 weeks.  When you register and pay in full, you get a BONUS 75-minute session that you can use or gift to someone.  To book this, please go here.


The Way of the DragonHeart Program is now open for enrollment. This 9-month journey of discovery, opening and deepening into the Dragon Realms is an opportunity to truly step into who you BE.  It will include weekly group calls (4 per month), two 1-on-1 sessions per month and a 3-day retreat in Sedona near the end of the program. Limited to 9 souls who are truly committed to their path and opening to their fullest potential. Please contact me for information.  Doors are closing May 1st!!


40 Days in the Mirror is an opportunity to truly reflect deeply within your own mirror of self for 40 days.  Why 40 days?  In all mystic traditions, this sets up an experience to touch your core essence in the presence of God.  Jesus, Buddha and other masters over time have shown this sacred time to bring them to extraordinary states of awareness and communion with the Divine.  Adapted from the ancient ceremony of Ma'at, I have created a template of reflection that one can use in a lighter way to begin to see the Truth of their soul in a short 10-minute daily meditation or for those desiring a deeper look, to spend more time with it every day.  The more time available, the more that can be revealed.  This program will be available for purchase and download soon.


As classes are offered, they will be posted here and on the Facebook Invoke Healing International page. An online meditation course is in creation as is a series of guided meditations with the Dragons. Private programs can also be designed.