Remote Sessions

Debbie, CA, USA

Araya has amazing skills to help people to get rid of negative feelings, like frustration.  I felt like I was inside a glass box and needed help to get out.  Araya got me out! To Araya I am forever grateful. I highly recommend her.

—Debbie, CA, USA

Gaby, Mexico

Thank you for all the shared work this year (Transformation Springboard Program), it's been amazing. One of the best decisions I've made!

—Gaby, Mexico

Sian, UK

I have been reading and re-reading your email and taking it all in. The whole hour last night seemed to go really quickly... I prepared my space, got myself centred and aligned to be open and receive. I took myself into my heart space and my concentration was just to stay there, as I can get distracted by thoughts. 15 minutes into the session I felt like an explosion of energy at the back of my neck into the centre of my brain and radiating out to every part of my brain; it was very powerful... I can still feel my head buzzing now... I can still feel the energy/movement/heart palpitations within my being as everything slowly settles. It feels like very deep changes/clearing... This was amazing thank you soooo much, Araya. I will begin to do my work.

—Sian, UK

Rosa Puerto, Spain

I am really grateful for Araya’s session. She helped me release a final piece in my path that was crucial. One that was blocking my work, finances and life. She connected easily with the block and channeled the adecuate, guiding me all the way and coaching me on the following steps to take. Thank you so much from my heart.

—Rosa Puerto, Spain

Barbara, NV, USA

I too have benefited fom her magic! Divine!

—Barbara, NV, USA

Fabien, France

Thank you for the amazing and powerful healing work we did in the lsat 5 sessions. I feel very grateful. What you described during the sessions makes perfect sense. I must say that I'm really impressed by the level of accuracy of your readings.

—Fabien, France

Carol, Canada

Experiencing Araya's philanthropic energy during our Discovery Call was very eye-opening & such a blessing! I have been bumbling along on my own, and she was able to help me immensely in just a short time. My only regret is not finding her sooner!

—Carol, Canada

Chaz, NV, USA

Araya is a very powerful intuitive psychic and healer!! We had an hour sesion and she read me like an open book as well as helped me along my healing with the things that came up in the session!  It was a very needed and powerful session for my growth and progression in life and business  and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thank YOU Araya for brining your beautiful gifts to this world 

—Chaz, NV, USA

Nathalie, Germany

It was so powerful, full of love and truth. My body got so often goose bumps, this is for me the sign of truth and deep connection. I'm so thankful for this reading. It already started to change my life.

—Nathalie, Germany

Marijana, Canada

The session with Araya was amazing and eye opening. I have resonated very strongly with what she shared and I am so glad to have found her exactly at this time in my life. My heart is bursting with gratitude.

—Marijana, Canada

Jean-Philippe, Switzerland

Thank you for yesterday’s session.  I really felt your presence and the work that begin at the precise hour!  Concerning the first session, I felt during the week that followed an interior peace, as if my spirit was more ‘clear’.  It seemed to me that certain fears had ‘disappeared’ or at least diminished in intensity.  Certain barriers fell.  My famous ‘coat of armor/shield’ lessened and more things were able to pass through me.. in one word, I feel BETTER!  Yesterday’s session was less intense than the first, but I still feel it working through me... my dreams are also more clear and I am able to remember more of them.

—Jean-Philippe, Switzerland

Samantha Fe, NV, USA

I’m in absolute awe.  What a powerful experience!?! Truly thank you! THANK YOU!! So much!! I’m still reeling and feel like the work we are doing together is absolutely necessary for the next step of my growth. I’m interested in seeing or hearing how it will influence your work as well... either way, I am so grateful to have finally met you in real life. All I can say is WOW. and YES.

—Samantha Fe, NV, USA

Amie, NC, USA

Araya! I just wanted to let you know how great I feel since our session! You helping to open the channels on my right side has stopped all of the pain and discomfort. The most persistnet spot at the base of the spine and hip was lingering a bit and then I saw the Andara sort of click into that spot and now... I feel perfect! And so many pieces have clicked together for me. So appreciate you. Can't wait to see what else will unfold. 

—Amie, NC, USA

Ryan, California, USA

An absolute pleasure as always. Araya has such a gift. This is my fourth reading with her and each one is special, revelatory, and empowering.

—Ryan, California, USA

Manon, Netherlands

Araya is a specially gifted dragon guide and profound soul healer who helps you coming home to yourself. You can become your magnificent Self and soar in all your energetic soul forms and dimensions.

—Manon, Netherlands