Who am I?

Hello. My name is Araya AnRa.  Like you, I am many things… on a daily basis I wear many hats as friend, mother, sister, teacher, student, employee, business owner, healer… but each one of those is only a very small aspect of the tangible thread of Mother/Father God that each of us is.  We are so much more!!

I have failed many times. I have been shattered many times. Each time, in the wake of healing, I find myself rising anew like a phoenix; each time reborn to a higher aspect of myself; one step closer to knowing and realizing God’s perspective of who I truly Am.  With every step in full surrender and a heart-driven desire to expand, my connection to everything beyond the physical plane expands.  The clarity crystallizes of the next step, the underlying block, to whom or where I need to turn for assistance.  We all have pieces for each other. God’s perfect Law of Attraction brings our perfect mirrors before us (as angry and ugly as they may seem). IF we are willing to look deeply into them, healing and shift can happen.


Marcos, Puerto Rico

I am a Reiki healer and have been practicing the dragon mantras about a year by myself and have found it really powerful, more than any technique I have had used for my personal healing.

—Marcos, Puerto Rico

My real opening to myself began in 2002.  Some inner voice was guiding me to quit my job and take time to go within.  I was terrified, had a mortgage and lots of animal friends to feed, and not a clue how I was going to pay the bills.  It was the most transformative time I can point to that started the journey of awakening for me.  It was in the cloister of that cold, snowy Wyoming winter that I reconnected to my Self as a healer.  It was as if I was remembering things I knew how to do long before being born into this body.

Exactly 9 years before that, I learned how to meditate and then set it on the shelf.  Now meditation would become the doorway to knowing my guides and my future freedom.  Talk about a powerful tool in the tool belt.  Even with a whole new set of tools by 2012, I found myself shattered again.  I felt like my life blew up after finally getting to a place where I was living my dream co-teaching workshops and giving sessions all over Europe.  I lost my marriage, my work, my belief in myself…  and found myself coming back to Reno, because that’s where my family is, feeling like an utter failure and totally lost, and having to hold it together for my 3-year old son.

We can go the slow route. Or we can get launched forward.  Both are appropriate at different phases of our journey.  It took me four years of inner cocooning to recover and heal from the explosion.  It is miniscule in the bigger picture of our journey to Love.  And then I could again feel my guides tapping me on the shoulder and saying ‘It’s time. Let’s get moving forward again.’  So I started listening and trusting again.  With two pre-arthritic thumb joints, I enrolled in a reflexology certification program.  Ten sessions into the practicum, it became crystal clear why.

I found all of my energy work and psychic gifts that had been put on the shelf for a spell beginning to bridge with the physical work happening with the person on the table.  I understood the new beautiful paradigm of the whole package being healed and shifted all at once.  And I found my connection to the other side stronger and more clear than ever before, the energy flowing though me equally so and my desire to be in service to springboard growth in others that much greater.

From there the flow was in motion lie the Truckee River in the spring thaw, which is huge this year!  Remote session clients kept finding me though my old website, my new reflexoloy clients were having big shifts before my eyes and as happens when we are in the flow, synchonicities just kept aligning for the next step and the next step and the next step.   Thus was born Invoke Healing International.  My small vision was going to be much bigger than I had expected!

So Who Am I?  First and foremost I am a child of Mother/Father God on a journey Home.  My personal expression of God is as a healer, a harbinger of change, a catalyst and bridge to removing blocks and finding greater Truth for each of the souls that feel ready to dive in.  Are you ready?  I am.


Araya is a certified Psychic, Medium, Angel Channel and Energy Healer by the American Federation of Certified Psychic Mediums and a certified Refloxology Practitioner through the Universal College of Reflexolgy.